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Interpersonal Needs in the Workplace


This self-assessment has been designed for the Trust Leader to identify how they view their workplace, interpersonal relationships, and how leadership addresses those workplace relationships. Conflict is often the messenger, not the problem, and how we deal with conflict becomes what people see and react to.


This assessment is a cultural snapshot for the Trust Leader to design a strategy of training and implementation to change the culture. Data gathered from this assessment can be useful to inform and educate decision makers on the value and need for appropriate training.

Trust Leaders: How effective are you?


This self-assessment has been designed for Trust Leaders as a self-reflection tool to determine their effectiveness.


When trust exists in personal and professional relationships, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve, including problem solving and conflict resolution. When our actions are consistent with our words, trust can be achieved and arises from our interdependence with others to achieve outcomes we value. Because cooperation cannot be compelled, social interactions are valuable as a foundation for confidence or belief one feels toward another or others to overcome doubt or fear. Trust is the mortar that holds together the stones of the arch we walk through in fulfilling relationships. When trust weakens, the rubble of broken expectations and implied promises impairs communication and recognition of the other person as value to co-existence or cooperation.

Trust Leaders: Effective Listening Assessment


This assessment is intended to offer the Trust Leader a quick assessment, with supporting discussion material, for training and reflection of their listening skills.


Just making an effort to look like a good listener is a psychological boost that assists in capturing the whole message - the attitude, the motivation, and the feelings behind the words. Communication is much more than talking and waiting to talk.

Workplace Culture Assessment


This self-assessment has been designed to measure your views on the culture of your workplace and whether it is a good place to work.


The results can be used by Trust Leaders to determine what action, if any, should be implemented. One thing is certain, like death and taxes, conflict is inevitable. It happens, and the workplace is a breeding ground for conflict. Consider that organizational culture consists of such things as shared values, beliefs, assumptions, perceptions, and norms, then add to that the fact that organizations are complex coalitions of individuals, departments, and divisions, each competing for scarce or limited resources, such as funding, access to those in authority, and time.

If, after taking the Self-Assessments and the Training Programme you feel you wish further in-depth training we are compiling a list of Training Providers that can offer you further appropriate training ... just contact us ...

You will need to conclude the training provision directly with each Provider.

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