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Project Partners

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EU15 (Project Promoter)


EU15 are experts in the development of e-learning solutions and bespoke training platform development. We have worked with numerous organisations to bring to life their ideas and initiatives. We offer a full range of advisory and support services for all types of organisations and their staff and have over 25 years of developing training programmes (both on-line and off-line). Our priority focus is on robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and entrepreneurship.


The 4Civility Institute (Ireland)


The 4Civility Institute (Ireland) is a not-for profit institute dedicated to civility, ethics, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, restorative justice, behavioral transition and other behavioral issues. The Institute has considerable expertise in Workplace Relationships which are crucial to the growth and sustainability of SMEs and the well-being of the staff. The 4Civility Institute (Ireland) provides best-practices skill sets, reporting tools and training in techniques to deal constructively with conflict in the workplace, to correct and build proper relationships and to move all participants to improve personally and professionally. The 4Civility Institute (Ireland) is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in the United States and the UK. Currently the institute has 6 highly experienced and qualified staff members with a number of ‘expert associates’ that support the work of the Institute throughout the world. One recently appointed senior team member has over 40 years’ experience in running and managing International partnerships, including EU funded projects and the Institute offers support to NGOs throughout the world in their dealings with the European Union.





Consorzio Friuli Formazione is a no profit training institute, founded in 1995 by the University of Udine in partnership with other governmental and private sector bodies; besides it aims to offer to our territory a regional system of higher education by joining together the best human, cultural, professional, organizational and financial resources of Friuli Venezia Giulia. For over 20 years we offer research, consulting and training services for pre-employment in order to help people find a job or improve their job position; in addition CFF offers training intended to develop competences and skills for businesses in the public and private sector, as well as job training for professionals. Based on the extensive experience it has acquired over the years, our institute took a major role in the regional system of further education.


Greek Exporters Association (SEVE) (Greece)


SEVE was established in 1975 as a non-profit organization and is currently the largest association of exporting companies in Greece. SEVE represents 725 companies and business groups throughout the Greek territory. The membership base of SEVE includes 520 active and dynamic exporting companies with 41,000 employees and 8,5 billion euro export turnover, corresponding to 40% of the Greek exports. The membership base is also enlarged with indirect members of various local and sectoral enterprise organizations. SEVE’s mission is (i) to consolidate, protect and promote the professional, economic, social and ethical interests of its members. (II) to promote and support Greek products and services in foreign markets; (iii) to promote and support the development of international co-operation between Greek enterprises and those of other countries; (iv) to conduct market research in foreign countries; (v) to collect and disseminate information and statistical data in order to inform its members; (vi) to cooperate with organisations worldwide and (vii) to implement European programmes that sustain the economic interests of its members.




Aiming at EU Integration, with main priorities: (i) to promote innovation and economic development; (ii) to improve the competitiveness and employment in EU & Global space (Local productive systems; industrial districts; poles of innovation; poles of competitiveness; areas that show a significant innovation potential; local cultural systems); and (iii) to control the impact of human activity on the environment, enhance territorial resources and prevent risks (improve energy efficiency, protect and enhance sensitive territorial resources, prevent maritime risks and strengthen maritime safety).


Asociación Círculo Empresarial Cacereño (CEC) (Spain)


Círculo Empresarial Cacereño (CEC) is a business association established on 27 November 2018 by more than 100 companies from different sectors aiming toallow  their "visibility" at public, fighting for the defense of the general business interests, looking to be more present in the day to day of society, activating the economic life of cities, and weaving collaborative among all the companies that make up the community. The main purposes of CEC are to: (i) represent, defend and promote the economic, professional, social and cultural interests of the associated companies; (ii) promote and defend private initiative and free market economy, considering private enterprise as essential for the creation of wealth and the provision of services to society; and (iii) promote equality and reconciliation of family and work life, and social and business responsibility, developing Corporate Social Responsibility and solidarity between the associated companies, and eradicate practices contrary to professional ethics.

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