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Analyse your Competencies

Use the self assessment tools to analyse your competencies as a Trust Leader

Training Programme

We have developed a training programme that instils the Manager with the confidence to make informed decisions as well as the permission to use third party intervention resources such as conflict coaching, conciliation services, conflict resolution, and facilitation sessions and brings with it some emotional intelligence training.

Manager Handbook

As a compliment to the training programme the Partners developed a comprehensive HANDBOOK that will provide a ‘blueprint’ for the introduction of a conflict free workplace by explaining ways to build trust at work.


News, articles, reports and general  items of interest relating to leadership. 



Mentoring is a very effective way for Managers to get the help and support they need to succeed. It enables them to harness the knowledge and expertise of those who have been there and done it before.

Building trust starts with leaders…..

This Platform contains a set of training and support materials​ for SMEs Managers that will educate and train them in collaborative arts and advocacy skills for recognition and early intervention of conflict resolution within their organisation. The preservation of workplace relationships, resolution of disputes, advocacy in conciliation and early intervention, and interest based approaches to conflict are attainable through training, education, and coaching.

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